GMA Pallets: The Ultimate Guide

GMA Pallets: The Ultimate Guide, Socal Pallet

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GMA Pallets: The Ultimate Guide

The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) sets standard construction requirements for pallets used in the food business (GMA). The Grocery Manufacturers Association developed these pallet recommendations. The Consumer Brands Association was recently renamed to simplify food products’ transportation, storage, and distribution.

Pallets you can be found at grocery stores, distribution centers, and production facilities anywhere that handle food and beverages. Pallets that follow GMA pallet specification guidelines provide quick and simple transfer of goods.

What Does GMA Mean On A Pallet?

The most used pallet in the North American market is a GMA pallet. The Grocery Manufacturers Association is referred to by the abbreviation GMA. Today, as long as a pallet is 48 by 40 in size, it can be referred to as a “GMA pallet.” They can feature blocks or stringers, various deck board configurations, be composed of soft or hardwood, and more. GMA pallets make up more than 40% of pallets produced in the US. They’re also well-liked in international supply chains, and the ISO has acknowledged them as a standard size.

What Are GMA Specifications?

GMA pallet specifications cover things like load-bearing capacity, portability, GMA pallet measurements, and board layout. GMA pallet specifications that are common include:

  • 48′′ x 40′′ overall footprint / The 48″ side is the stringer side.
  • 2,500 pounds of minimum load-bearing capacity.
  • Each side has two slots for a four-way forklift entrance.
  • Deck planks that are 5/8″ thick on the top and bottom.
  • Top board arrangement with five 3 1/2′′ wide boards arranged in the middle and two 5 1/2′′ wide boards on either end.
  • Bottom board arrangement with three 3 1/2′′ broad boards in between the notches and two 5 1/2′′ wide boards on each end.

What Are GMA Pallets Made Of?

Pallets that meet GMA standards are made of either softwood or hardwood. Popular species include Pine, Spruce, Douglas Fir, and similar. Each uses five bottom deck boards 40 inches wide and 7 top deck boards that are 40 inches wide. The gap stringers measure 48 inches in length, 1 ⅜ inch in thickness, and 3 ½ inches in height. But as time goes on, many businesses depart from the specifications, for example, changing the lumber’s type, use, and thickness.

How Much Weight Can A GMA Pallet Hold?
The GMA pallet, the most popular pallet size, weighs around 30 lbs. This pallet is 48 inches long by 40 inches broad and is employed in several sectors, including fruit and grocery shipments. These pallets, which range in weight from 33 to 48 lbs, are relatively light for the amount of weight they can support. GMA pallets have a weight capacity of 4,600 lbs.

Final Word
In various industries, wooden pallets are frequently used for shipment. The GMA pallet is one of the typical examples of a standard pallet. The 48″ x 40″ typical wooden pallet that has been around for more than a century is referred to as the GMA pallet. However, more specifics concerning what constitutes a GMA pallet have developed today, particularly with the availability of more useful pallet options. Socal Pallet sells B2B New Wood Pallets in pre-built or kit form on a wholesale basis from our local stock.

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