4 Way Heat Treated New Utility Pallets | 48 x 40

4 Way Heat Treated New Utility Pallets | 48 x 40

Way Heat Treated New Utility Pallets

What is a Heat Treated Pallet? Heat treated pallets are often referred to as HT pallets, yet the concept remains the same: Heat treatment isĀ a method of sterilizing the wood to remove all hazardous materials, thereby making the pallets safer and better suited for shipment

During this process, the pallets, boxes, or crates being treated are heated to a core temperature of 140 degrees for a minimum of 30 minutes. ThisĀ ensures that all insects and larva will be killed off, after which the pallet can be used and reused to ship goods internationally.

Pallets sold on Truck Load Basis – Please contact for the latest pricing – weekly deliveries to LA & SD.


These abbreviations are commonly used for softwood lumber, although all of them are not
necessarily applicable to all species. Additional abbreviations which are applicable to a particular region
or species shall not be used unless included in certified grading rules.
Abbreviations are commonly used in the forms indicated, but variations such as the use of upperand lower-case type, and the use or omission of periods and other forms of punctuation are not required.
AD Air-dried
ADF After deducting freight sides
ALS American Softwood Lumber Standard
AV or AVG Average
Bd Board
Bd ft Board foot or feet
Bdl Bundle
Bev Beveled
B/L Bill of lading
BM Board Measure
Btr Better
B&B or B&Btr B and better
B&S Beams and stringers
CB1S Center bead one side
CB2S Center bead two sides
CF Cost and freight
CG2E Center groove two edges
CIF Cost, insurance, and freight
CIFE Cost, insurance, freight, and exchange
Clg Ceiling
Clr Clear
CM Center matched
Com Common
CS Caulking seam
Csg Casing
Cu Ft Cubic foot or feet
CV1S Center Vee one side
CV2S Center Vee two sides
D&H Dressed and headed
D&M Dressed and matched
DB Clg Double-beaded ceiling (E&CB1S)
DB Part Double-beaded partition (E&CB2S)
DET Double end trimmed
Dim Dimension
Dkg Decking
D/S or D/Sdg Drop siding
EB1S Edge bead one side
EB2S Edge bead two sides
E&CB1S Edge and center bead one side

E&CB2S Edge and center bead two sides
E&CV1S Edge and
center Vee one side
E&CV2S Edge and center Vee two sides
EE Eased edges
EG Edge (vertical) grain
EM End matched
EV1S Edge Vee one side
EV2S Edge Vee two sides
Fac Factory
FAS Free alongside (named vessel)
FBM Foot or board measure
FG Flat (slash) grain
Flg Flooring
FOB Free on board (named point)
FOHC Free of heart center or centers
FOK Free of knots
Frt Freight
Ft Foot or feet
GM Grade marked
G/R or G/Rfg Grooved roofing
HB Hollow back
H&M hit-and-miss
H or M hit-or-miss
Hrt Heart
Hrt CC Heart cubical content
Hrt FAHeart facial area
Hrt G Heart girth
IN Inch or inches
J&P Joists and planks
KD Kiln-dried
Lbr Lumber
LCL Less than carload
LFT or Lin Ft Linear foot or feet
Lgr Longer
Lgth Length
Lin Linear
Lng Lining M Thousand
MBM Thousand (feet) board measure
MC Moisture content
Merch Merchantable
Mldg Moulding
mm Millimeter
No Number
Nosed one edge
N2E Nosed two edges
Og Ogee
Ord Order
Par Paragraph
Part Partition
Pat Pattern
Pc Piece
Pcs Pieces
PE Plain end
PO Purchase order
P&T Post and timbers
Reg Regular
Res Resawed or resawn
Rfg Roofing
Rgh Rough
R/L Random lengths
R/W Random widths
R/W&L Random widths and lengths
Sdg Siding
Sel Select
S&E Side and Edge (surfaced on)
SE Sdg Square edge siding
SE & S Square edge and sound
S/L or S/LAP Shiplap
SL&C Shipper’s load and count
SM or Std M Standard matched
Specs Specifications
Std Standard
Stpg Stepping
Str or Struc Structural
S1E Surfaced one edge
S1S Surfaced one side
S1S1E Surfaced one side and one edge
S1S2E Surfaced one side and two edges
S2E Surfaced two edges
S2S Surfaced two sides
S2S1E Surfaced two sides and one edge
S2S&CM Surfaced two sides and center matched
S2S&SM Surfaced two sides and standard matched
S4S Surfaced four sides
S4S&CS Surfaced four sides and caulking seam
T&G Tongued and grooved
VG Vertical grain
Wdr Wider
Wt Weight